Advanced drug delivery system

The goal of drug delivery systems is to deliver medications to specific target parts of the body through a medium which can control the therapy’s administration. To understand this goal, researchers are switching to advances within the worlds of micro and nanotechnology. The recent advances within the peptide, protein drug delivery systems are PEGylation and Depo-foam technology. Cell-penetrating peptides (CPPs) act as cargo carriers which constitute current medical research. CPPs to manoeuvre hydrophilic macromolecules into cells, thus, assist to execute biological functions. CPPs don't destroy the integrity of the cell membranes in order that they're considered more efficient and provide new avenues for research and applications in life sciences.

  • Track 10-1Nanotechnology
  • Track 10-2Digital Pharma
  • Track 10-3Polymers in drug delivery system
  • Track 10-4Artificial Intelligence in Pharma
  • Track 10-5RAFT Technology


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