Biopharmaceutical formulations

Biopharmaceutical products are molecules that are the components of biological systems that are used in the treatment of human and animal health and disease. Formulation development of biopharmaceutical protein therapeutics. Production of biopharmaceutical involves many different complex steps which synthesis is purification, formulation, final dosage preparation. Applications of biopharmaceuticals are agonist and antagonist of important receptors and enzymes, vaccines. The combination of biological molecules like antibodies with cytoxic compounds and agents, such as antibody drug used in cancer therapies

  •  Track 6-1Biopharmaceutics
  •  Track 6-2Pharmaceutical technology and drug disposition
  •  Track 6-3Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
  •  Track 6-4Biopharmaceutical Support in Formulation
  •  Track 6-5Biopharmaceutical Microbiology and Biotechnology


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