Drug Delivery through BBB

One of the largest challenges within the drug discovery and development for CNS disorders is to realize significant blood–brain barrier (BBB) penetration. Many drugs don't have high lipid solubility, low molecular size and charge to traverse BBB. The problems related to the blood–brain barrier are 1. The drug produced allows only a tiny low portion to undergo the barrier 2. Binding to other proteins within the body makes the drug ineffective or undergo the barrier thereupon adhered protein. The presence of enzymes within the brain might render the drug inactive. All of those problems must be addressed to deliver effective drugs to the brain. The developed strategies would enhance the ability of drug to cross the BBB by modifying the drug or by binding it to a vector for adsorption-mediated or receptor-mediated transcytosis.

  • Track 15-1Blood Brain Barrier
  • Track 15-2Drug Efflux
  • Track 15-3CNS Drug Delivery
  • Track 15-4Biodistribution and Targeting of BBB


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