Vaccine drug delivery system

Vaccines are substances that induce an immunologically mediated resistance to a disease but not necessarily an infection. They are generally composed of killed or attenuated organisms or sub units of organisms or DNA encoding antigenic proteins of pathogens. Delivery of antigens from oil-based adjuvants like Freunds adjuvant result in a discount within the number of doses of vaccine to be administered but thanks to toxicity concerns like inductions of granulomas at the injection site, such adjuvants don't seem to be widely used.FDA approved adjuvants for human uses are hydrated oxide and aluminium phosphate within the variety of alum. So there is a need for safer and potent adjuvants resulted within the formulations of antigen into delivery systems that administer antigen in particulate form instead of solution form


  • Track 9-1Edible vaccines
  • Track 9-2DNA vaccines
  • Track 9-3Needle-free delivery
  • Track 9-4Polymeric nanoparticle delivery system
  • Track 9-5Micellar delivery system
  • Track9-6Mucosal delivery


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